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Glide Air 2019 Cross Over DC

Glide Air 2019 Cross Over DC


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SUP/WS Crossover Inflatable/Touring

At 34” wide and 6” thick, the Glide 12’0” is the ultimate user-friendly board for smooth-gliding performance. Ideal for beginners on up, this super stable board combats fatigue, helping riders spend less time focusing on balance and more time enjoying the sights. The Glide 12’0” Crossover has a M8 universal insert which adds versatility, allowing riders to attach a windsurf sail and harness light to moderate winds. A slide-in dagger fin improves upwind performance regardless of wind strength and plugs in the nose area can accommodate a bungee storage system to secure precious cargo for longer adventures.

Safe and durable, our all new Fusion Double Chamber Construction features double air chambers for safety you can rely on without added weight. Double rails add further strength and stiffness and our German-made adhesive sustains high-heat tolerance for long-lasting resilience. A convenient choice when traveling, this lightweight construction packs up neatly for easy transport to even the most remote locations. Featuring plugs in the nose to accommodate a bungee storage system, this stable board carries larger loads effortlessly through flatwater and chop, making it the ideal partner for any adventurer.

Ideal for riders up to 230 lbs/104 kg

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