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Max’s #n1sco race blog

12th May 2017


Here we go my first big event, Nationals day has finally arrived. I would like to say I was more prepared for this one but again was walking into my Nationals blind not knowing what to expect and the wind being quite high the nerves were sinking in.

Arrival and Registration


Once we arrived at Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club where the event is being held and the nerves soon vanished and turned to excitement. The sight of Nash banners, Boards and Paddlers all arriving in their dozens pumping up ready for the day ahead. The Bay was sectioned off out of the full force of the wind and tide which meant an ideal place to race.

Registration was quick and easy the team were very helpful at explaining what was about to happen. We were all given a goodie bag, given time to get changed and prepare for the day ahead.

Race 1 mid endurance 1.5k SUPERLAP

Alex briefed the first race as an 3-lap course turning around buoys and sprinting to the next. The super lap enabled you to cut the final corner on one of the three laps of your choice.

Heat 1

The men were then split into 2 groups of 25 odd and lined up on the starting line. I was in the first heat, lined up waiting for the horn to start the race. As soon as the horn went off this once calm bay suddenly turns into a choppy wave pool. 25+ paddles sprint off for the first turn, It was so choppy I even felt my board catch a small wave lol.

After we hit the first corner I played it safe and took it wide to avoid the risk of walling into the cold water early in the day. The pack then started to thin out between the pros storming off ahead and everyone else trailing giving it their all. I decided to save my superlap for the final lap as I knew my stamina would be low and a shorter lap sounded good. I finished around middle of the pack 1-2 off being in the leaders group and landed in the runners up for the second heat.

Heat 2

Ready for what’s to come and warmed up from the first race I was feeling good about this heat and decided to be more tactical. I decided to use my super lap this time on the first lap due to the fact everyone was getting caught up on the corners and it payed off. I jumped straight to the front of the pack leading the group for the first, second and third laps but I knew what was about to occur. Due to me playing it safe on the corners and not taking using the step back turn technique I lost some ground on my lead. Once I got to the final corner the two behind me used their super laps to take over and I came in 3rd. I still think using the super lap on my first lap was the best call as this gave me the space to take time on my corners a clear path on the straights.

Max’s #n1sco race blogMax’s #n1sco race blogMax’s #n1sco race blogMax’s #n1sco race blogMax’s #n1sco race blogMax’s #n1sco race blogMax’s #n1sco race blogMax’s #n1sco race blogMax’s #n1sco race blogMax’s #n1sco race blogMax’s #n1sco race blogMax’s #n1sco race blog

Sprint Race

Next up were the sprints (my least favourite of all events) now it’s not because there is anything wrong with sprints they are just my Achilles heal, they are great fun. I find that most of technique goes out the window and everything goes into chaos.

My first heat started off not too bad, I was going steady middle of the pack my turn went well then whilst sprinting for the finish disaster struck. I was giving it my all and didn’t account for the wind and lost my balance going straight over the nose of the board to throw it all away.

My second heat arrived cold, wet and not feeling it I had a better race and finished towards the back of the pack but at least I stayed out of the water this time J.

Endurance 5k

After a well-deserved break for lunch with some down time to explore Emsworth, cram in some carbs and enjoy the juniors races we were ready for the big event.

This was a course outside of the bay now that it was high tide we were hitting to the ocean. With the full force of the wind and sea we had to cut across the bay into a strong headwind. Head down the 2.5k turn then head finishing off downwind. We had 3 safety boats to support us along the way one at front, one at the middle and one at the back because of the strong winds to fight against.

Every one lined up the best they could 57 guys with 40 odd girls behind, all trying to keep in a straight line against the wind waiting for the race to start.

The race finally kicked off and the start was quite a sight, some people fell, others battled to get their paddles in the water the sea exploded with commotion and it all was great fun. Once we got across the bay the pack started to thin out and everyone started the journey up the bay. I was giving it my all I made it to the turn in good time I was still in the top 25 then I suddenly got struck with a sharp pain in my right shoulder. This meant the next 2.5k was one of my biggest challenges in SUP to the point I almost threw in the towel. The wind didn’t help either because it was coming off the land this meant I could only paddle on my left side to keep straight. In the end, I gritted my teeth paddled on through the pain and made it back to finish 27th.


After the endurance, it was time for the sprint finals the best of the best competing for first place was quite a sight. before the final race they had a wildcard race to promote the winner straight into the finals, I wish I could have had a go but after my shoulder problems I knew I was done for the day.


Closing time

All in all, it was a great day, lots of friendly people, Alex and the girls did a great job organising the whole thing and working out the results, the team behind setting up the courses and managing the equipment were superb. For a newbie at his second race and first Nationals I enjoyed every minute of the day and couldn’t recommend it enough. Even if racing isn’t your thing if you enjoy SUP it’s well worth it just for the experience and a great fun day J



Position Name Mid Distance Sprint result Long Distance Total Points Master Veteran First Comp
1 Ben Fisher 1 4 1 6
2 George Cornwell-Brown 2 5 2 9
3 Samuel Hyman 4 3 4 11
4 Phil McCoy 7 1 7 15 1
5 Ollie Edkins 3 10 3 16
6 Stuart Appleby 9 2 9 20
7 Henry Cornwell-Brown 8 6 8 22
8 Dave Ewer 6 12 5 23 1
9 Bryce Dyer 16 8 6 30 2
10 Philip Mather 15 11 11 37
11 Keith Gorman 14 16 10 40 3
12 Sam Wood 12 16 12 40
13 Mark Price 18 7 17 42
14 Richard Heathcote 17 13 13 43
15 Dominic Hook 10 19 15 44
16 Chris Weedon 11 21 14 46
17 Flynn David 21 20 19 60
18 Blue Ewer 5 15 42 62
19 Ben Julian 20 23 24 67
20 Steve Aiken 25 18 26 69 1
21 Rob Crookall 24 22 23 69
22 Ollie Johnstone 22 26 22 70
23 Charlie Poyner 30 23 20 73 2
24 Deke Moran 27 27 21 75
25 Roy Osborne 26 23 28 77 3
26 Stuart Baker 29 34 16 79
27 Simon Day 23 44 18 85
28 Billy Warren 19 9 62 90
29 Jon Hughes 13 15 62 90
30 Stewart Nicholson 28 40 25 93
31 Connor Hawkins 31 32 31 94
32 Nik Barnes 35 32 30 97
33 Max Jones 32 46 27 105
34 Trevor Goodman 42 35 29 106 2
35 Rich Thoroughgood 33 40 33 106
36 Stuart Nisbett 34 38 34 106
37 Stuart Dove 38 29 44 111
38 Tom Ironmonger 39 30 43 112
39 Richard Sarti 45 30 38 113
40 Andy Maxted 37 28 49 114
41 Chris Lowder 36 47 37 120
42 Mark Edwards 53 36 35 124
43 Glyn Smith 40 51 36 127
44 Paul Amey 43 36 48 127 3
45 Marcus Hunt 44 39 46 129
46 Derek Freeman 41 43 51 135
47 Craig McNeil 55 49 32 136
48 Richard Miller 47 42 50 139
49 Duncan Pickup 50 44 45 139
50 Ben Smith 51 51 40 142
51 Chris Gordon 48 47 47 142
52 Matt Le Flem 49 58 39 146
53 Mike Taylor 58 49 41 148
54 Jessie Loynes 52 51 52 155
55 Stephen Pearson 54 54 53 161
56 Matthew Wright 46 54 62 162
57 Stuart Gilman 56 54 62 172
58 James Chillman 57 54 62 173
59 (DNS) Robert Gullan 62 62 62 186
59 (DNS) Steve Trott 62 62 62 186
59 (DNS) Mark Smith 62 62 62 186


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