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Introducing Max Jones...

30th March 2017

Tell Us About Yourself...

My Name is Max Jones, I am 29 years old born and raised in Cambridge for the first 20 years of my life, I then moved to Norfolk to be closer to family and always wanted to live by the ocean, my friends and family always referred me as a “water baby”.

I moved around abit over the last few years between Hunstanton – King’s Lynn and currently live 1km from the Beach in Heacham.

I have 2 children that I love to bits, they keep me on my toes and we love to have as many mini adventures as much as possible.

How Did You Get In To SUP?

When I was living in Hunstanton I always wanted to try windsurfing, I was gifted a board and a sail for my birthday back in 2012 and began teaching myself to sail. After a year, I then moved to king’s lynn and didn’t have the time to get out on the ocean as much with work and with my little girl just being born I had my hands full.

2014 I moved back to Hunstanton and quite a bit heavier weighing in at almost 19st I knew I had to change. After 2 years of strict diet, exercise, windsurfing and running I managed to shed 7st.

It was mid-summer the first time I saw a paddleboarder cursing down Hustanton sea front. It was love at first sight I was instantly researching online all I could about this new sport. I ordered a cheap paddle online took one of my old windsurf boards and gave it a go… it didn’t go well.

After a first failed attempt, I knew it was because I didn’t have the right gear so after a lot of research and consideration I narrowed it down to two boards. the Fanatic Air Preimium 10.6” all-round ISUP or the RED Paddle co 10.6” ISUP. Both were perfect for my needs but in the end, I chose the Fanatic board because of its aesthetics.

From that moment I was hooked hitting the water at every opportunity possible. If it meant getting up 2 hours early to squeeze in a session before work it was worth it. Never have I found a sport that offers a great workout whilst relaxing your mind and keeping you feeling close to nature.

I have also met loads of great friends along the way who have provided a lot of support in my journey. Paddle boarding is defently a great way to socialise and meet new people.

6 months later it’s time to move onto the next stage after being referred to the N1sco program by Samanth Rutt. I was selected as one of the lucky 10 it’s now time to try the race side of SUP.

With Norfolk Paddle co, Naish and some good friends behind me. I have an exciting year ahead and can’t wait to see where my next journey will take me.

You can follow Max’s progress through the N1SCO race season with his forthcoming ‘Race blog’ good luck Max.

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