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Chris Holt, Norfolk Paddle Co’s Chief Board Test Pilot

4th April 2017

Introducing Chris Holt, Norfolk Paddle Co’s chief board test pilot, aspiring Enduro Paddler and brand ambassador.

Chris started surfing when he was 10 while visiting his grandparents who lived in Jersey CI. His favourite surfing beaches include St Ouens, Greve de Lecq and any hollow and fast left hander that suits his goofy stance.

Now living and working in Norfolk, Chris has been surfing North Norfolk waves for the last 25 years. When he was introduced to ‘Paddle Assisted’ surfing 3 years ago, Chris soon appreciated the benefits that SUP provided. Being able to get waves earlier and ride weaker swell was a godsend and opened up the potential of the lesser known breaks amongst some of the most atmospheric beaches in our county.

Chris says:

‘Norfolk is a SUP goldmine waiting to be plundered by appreciative paddlers. There is something for everyone, such as the beauty and tranquility of the Broads, to the majesty and ruggedness of our glorious salt marsh coast. There’s something for every discerning SUP’er, so come and join us!’

Chris started out on a HIC (Hawaiian Island Creation).

He currently paddles a 2017 Naish Hokua 8’8” GTW, a board which he described as “perfect for the Norfolk brown”

You can check out our You Tube channel for video reviews by Chris, and keep posted for the Norfolk Ultra 80K SUP race this June. Chris will be taking part on a JP-Australia Allwater for the very first time.

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